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Who am I?


Teach you | Nudge you | Push you

How many times have you thought about going to a gym but just do not know where to start? or do you already go to the gym but need some motivation or that little extra 'push' to do more and achieve more?

I totally understand both! 

I have been there and even now sometimes I call upon my friends to inspire and motivate me to train.

Let me be that friend to you and I promise that my infectious passion and enjoyment for training will wear off on you and help you to achieve your goals!

Because I Can. personal trainer weight loss fitness


Gymnast | Long Distance runner | Body Builder

I have years of experience within the fitness industry having been a gymnast in my early days, a cardio Queen, a long distance runner, a quick 'bout' at boxing and now, for the last few years a competitive Body Builder achieving a UK title, Great British placement and Universe athlete.

My support to you will be realistic, designed with only you in mind whether you join me on-line, personal 121 or in small group classes. 

You will receive my total focus and attention because I strongly believe that your effort and motivation is not simply expressed by completing the activity but very much in 'how you behave'. 

Behavior and reaction is the window that you often cannot control and trust me I can read it!

Because I Can. weight loss personal trainer


Goal Setting | Goal Enjoying | Goal Achieving

Setting yourself a goal can be incredibly difficult to achieve on your own and this is where I can help. 

Very much goal focused I will support you to not only achieve your goal but also make the experience enjoyable because this will play a major role in your success. 

I always say that the day I no longer enjoy what I do is the day I stop and I AM NOT STOPPING  so let me help you to enjoy and achieve just as I have.

Because I Can personal trainer weight loss fitness


Live Life | Love Life | This Is You

Life delivers us knocks and sometimes we ask for them. Yep, you heard it we ask for them but also sometimes we don't and I have had plenty of 'knocks' over the years which I now, after reflection and recovery accept them as my responsibility. I own them and now live by all the lessons I have learned.

Let me teach you these lessons and let me support you with whatever challenge you might be going through. 

Because I Can personal trainer weight loss fitness